Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Perpetuate Forever online - you may not without Stinkine Web site to make money online

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You’ve heard it a thousand times before. Here it is again, a thousand times and one. Yes, you can make money online with many different affiliate programs. How much money you say? About $1/day if you’re off to a good start with a blog page generating about 200 visitors a day and about $300/month between 3 months to 3 years with a steady increase of traffic of about 400 to 1000 visitors a day with a mixture of affiliates like AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, Chitika, Fastclick, Exit Junction, and AdToll (you taking notes?). Or nothing at all. It all depends on how you cultivate your affiliate farms with keywords (you’ll know more about keywords later if you don’t already) or when the affiliate programs cut you off because you’re earning too much that they’ll think you’re probably cheating the system. Yes, folks, you’ve heard it here. This ain’t no get rich quick scheme and the affiliates will only pay you when they’re satisfied with you and not the other way around.

There is an inherent flux that you can’t control even if you think you can with affiliates advertising. You’ve probably heard of people selling some kind of system that will supposedly make you a ton of money online only for $19.95 and such, using affiliate programs of some sort. You’re skeptical but curious, so you buy one just to satisfy your curiosity. And in doing so, you’ve probably got burned and figured out that the only one really making the real money was the seller. The get rich quick system that you bought into may have satisfied your curiosity for $19.95. A low risk, small investment, big rewards scheme for you and absolutely for the seller. But if you’ve been burned before or frustrated in the past about making money online, or don’t know where to start, or don’t think you can start one, then look no further and have some faith.

The information that I am going to introduce to you is called “Blogging”. You’ve heard of it, and I will help you get started with your first blog page with an affiliated marketing such as Google AdSense or AdBrite. No $19.95 with big promises here. No sirree. And, you don’t need NO stinkin’ website to make money with affiliates marketing online. You just need a blog page with Google AdSense built-in. Here’s how.

Step #1. Sign-up with Free Blogging websites such as Blogspot or Blogger.

Just think, you could already have accrued some change if you knew of this in the past, so don’t waste anymore time because time is literally money on the Internet. With a little bit of work, even a small amount of money can perpetuate to become a lot, specially when you can save that chunk of change with interest. Again, you don’t need a website or domain name to get started, so sign-up with Google’s BlogSpot for a blog page. Use your Google email and password if you have one. Alternatively, sign-in with an email you regularly use if you don’t have a Google email account. You might be saying, “Isn’t a web page or blog page a website?” Technically yes. But for the purpose of this article and to differentiate, I will state that a website is something you have to design and build, versus a web page that is already designed and working for you. Therefore, a web page or blog page is just that; a page hosted by somebody else that is readily available for your use. So, configure your blog page from BlogSpot once you’re in and go thru each menu tabs to configure them accordingly. Once you’re done configuring your blog page’s name and template for use, you will need to remember your URL name for your BlogSpot home address. For example, mine is A unique sub-domain name of You will need to start blogging and posting articles in order to convince Google that you can contribute to their AdSense program when you apply. Same goes for AdBrite. Remember to make your home address name or URL something that your blogs will be represented to the world.

Now, you can use and post this article as your first article for your blog page. It will make your application for a Google AdSense and AdBrite faster as they will see that you have a blog already running on the page. Remember that you must have your blog page running with an article and modules configured such as the news feed to convince affiliates that you have a working blog page that has content. The affiliates will deny your application otherwise.

Step #2. Apply for an affiliates account such as Google AdSense or AdBrite

For example, you can login or register for an account for Google AdSense at Google. You can use your Google email and password, again, if you have one or just use your email other than Google’s and sign-in or sign-up to create an account, if you don’t have one. Once you’ve created and account, you will already have entered your credit card account numbers and your webpage name or “website” name that Google AdSense asks of. You will enter for your web page for example, You will notice that this application is completely secured with https secure socket layer or SSL. This is good and this is safe. It encrypts your data to Google. You should not trust your credit card numbers to anything without https on the URL when applying or buying things online. Once everything is completed, you will submit your application for further review by Google AdSense. If Google AdSense declines you, no problem, just do it over at AdBrite.

Step #3. Write your article while you wait for the approval of your application from the affiliates

Time it takes: A long time to write a unique article. About a week for Google AdSense to reply. AdBrite, usually within 3 days, for example.

Now that you’re waiting for approval, this would be the best time to start writing your very own article for your blog. Try to be original at all times. You can always add this article as your first blog if you have not done so. This will be an exception to originality, of course, but I give you total permission not only to perpetuate this article, but to help you get started with affiliates program application. It’s hard to come up with an original article especially when you’re doing something you’re not used to. But with practice and some guidance on how to write an article for a blog it will get easier to start writing articles for your blog. Now, you don’t have to write an article every time just to blog, but a majority of websites take advantage of complete articles with content just to satisfy Google’s Page Ranking system. You’ll want to write complete articles because Google AdWords will have more keywords to pick from to service their AdWords readers.

If you get approved for your affiliates application, CONGRATS! Start spreading the news on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, families, and friends. If you get declined, no worries. You just need find out if your blog complies with your affiliates’ policies. You might need to also get more articles published on your blog, that’s all. Try again and good-luck. If you still can’t get approval, then shop around for another affiliated keyword pay-per-click (PPC) programs. I gave you a list in the beginning. Start applying!

You can continue to perpetuate your article online so that for every article you create with BlogSpot, the title of your new article will get posted from your original article and link back to your home page where your affiliate programs reside through the use of RSS feeds, where applicable. You can post these articles with RSS scripts to articles banks to start generating traffic. Now, isn’t it about time you got your program started? You’ve promised yourself before. You wanted to know more and now here it is. With cloud computing, Content Management Systems, and Super Fast Computing all at your disposal, there is no better time to take advantage of making a few bucks online while having fun writing about, well, what ever you like. Just don’t defame anyone. I am living proof that you can make an honest buck with Google AdSense and AdBrite, and you don’t need NO stinkin’ website to do it! You just need a blog page, so start blogging.

Thank you for reading!

-CD Grecia

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