Friday, November 12, 2010

The other aspect of the CPC

There is a group of companies market internet tapping in the CDPF, this time they earn money instead of spending it. If you remember, last week, we discussed the second PPC revolution introduced by Google. It was the inclusion of small Web sites in the list of publishers. Some of these Web sites today are baskets in hundreds of thousands or even millions of monthly shillings in commissions.

Accepted way to list your Publisher Web site may display advertisements mob by that particular company.And for every ad clicked on your website, the company pays a cup commission.Votre could vary between 40% and 75% investment advert a lucrative revenue stream for the Web site with low traffic.

The ads displayed on your site vary depending on which PPC you choose to work with. The most common are contextual ads. Although properly labelled as being ads, they appear as normal text on the Web site links. A Publisher you have reasonable freedom to exactly how these ads look like. You can change the colors and formats to complement the look of your Web site, if you want.In many cases such advertisements are said to be more efficient in terms of revenus.Toutefois, you could opt for that they stand. Everything depends on the test and find what works best for your site.

There are several programs to publishers, but probably the most popular and proven results are AdSense - once more by Google.AdSense is the inverse of mentioned here AdWords week planned competitor dernière.Un is rival yahoo YPN. YPN is still being tested and currently only open to a few select the United States. Although the two major player, other small business PPC have programs to consider worth publishers

They include some Chitika. Chitika announcements are not exactly contextual, rather he considered more merchandising type ads.Similarly, Kontera announcements are what is called the advertising in the texte.Ces two types of ads are all another topic for another day.

Others are PPCProfitMachine performs an interesting integration of five different PPC;AffiliateSensor whose ads specifically on the market of digital books (ebooks);and AffiliatePowerAds pay per sale rather than per click.

Just for you give an idea of the potential of these programs, website renovation, AskTheBuilder used AdSense is Google's $30,000 per month in commissions .c ' is an equivalent of KES 2,130,000 each mois.Mais sounds considered an amount to just place ads on your Web site, that site has more traffic décent.Sans forgetting to mention the work in the creation of over 10,000 pages of web.Comme they say, nothing is easier.

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