Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make money with AdSense, in brief

If you read my blog, you know that I sometimes get in a rut, because there is so much to discuss, so little time.  Often it just take back and ask what peux I band, what is the main idea, which is the largest image?

So for the coming today, we will only to cover the principles of base.Comment can I earn money with Google AdSense?

  It is much easier than you think. 

Choose a topic. For example today, I chose dogs.  It is a great topic and I want to scale down a little.  My wife and I rescued several dogs, so I decided to focus on the rescue dog. But there are still many whole competition for this keyword.  Add a third word phrase, just to make it a LITTLE bit more specific and BAM!  I decided on my keyword: book Dog Rescue.Build a website, it's a blog, website, community site or just a collection of items.  You can use a free and open system like Joomla or WordPress content source and then just start adding content.Not much worry about appearance yet, just make sure you only get your keywords in your domain name.Add that people will be interested in contenu.Pour my site, I am an article entitled everything you should know about the Spaying or the dogs your dog, people are apparently helpful, because it gets a decent amount of traffic.  Make sure that all your contents using relevant keywords, placed in the headers, meta tags, titles and alt image tags.  You launch for some organic traffic if you do this correctly.Place your AdSense ad blocks on your sites and after people are finished reading your articles, several times, they will click on your ads and you will make money.

Forgive me if this was a waste of time.Before get us the more advanced techniques, we cover the basics.If you have any questions concerning the implementation of the site, or by choosing a website hosting company, just ask and I'll do my best to aider.Si you already know how to configure site, add your content and install code from your adsense, stay tuned .we will more meat for you to digest shortly.This topic is intended for beginners.Thank you for reading and don't forget to use the categories on the sidebar to ignore the parts that interest you most.


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